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Foster social acceptance of RES by stakeholder engagement (RESCOOP 20-20-20)

Project brief
Key action: Electricity production
Status: Ongoing
Coordinator: Dirk Vansintjan
Ecopower, Belgium
Tel: +32-486392212
Partners: Cooperatives Europe (Cooperatives Europe), Belgium
EMES European Research Network ASBL (EMES ), Belgium (, Belgium
Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Cooperative (Middelgrunden), Denmark
Enercoop SCIC (Enercoop ), France
Electrical station Schönau (EWS), Germany
Avanzi s.r.l. (Avanzi), Italy
Elabora - Confcooperative (Elabora ), Italy
Association Organisation for Renewable Energy (ODE), Netherlands
Argyll Lomond and Islands Energy Agency (ALIenergy), United Kingdom
Energy4All Ltd (Energy4All ), United Kingdom
Benefits: Groups of citizens will benefit from the experience of existing REScoops all over Europe which will help them realising their RES-projects.
Keywords: Renewable Energy Sources; Social acceptance; Stakeholder engagement; Cooperation
Duration: 01/04/2012 - 31/03/2015
Budget: EUR 1 958 047 (EU contribution: 75%)
Contract number: IEE/11/930


The ‘REScoop 20-20-20 project’ helps to improve social acceptance of RES-e generation with its proven model of local cooperative citizen involvement. The overall goal of the project is to speed up the creation of RES projects and related cooperatives in various member States. For this the project is articulated with the following three specific objectives: (i) Inventory existing REScoops and their RES projects in order to identify their added value in fostering RES in Europe; (ii) Developing and testing methodologies based on best practices (Business structures and financing models for new REScoops; (iii) Dissemination of cooperative RES approaches.

  • Develop and share methodologies based on best practices to create new citizens RES-projects: different business models, checklists, template contracts, financing and investment schemes.
  • Support emerging cooperative RES-projects with a toolbox that integrates the learning of the more than 400 existing RES cooperatives and the involvement of at least 25 volunteer mentors, trained in best practice.
  • Deliver recommendations to EU and national Governments on fiscal, legal and authorisation policies to increase the success rate of RES-e projects.
  • Direct involvement of at least 6000 shareholders that leads to at least a 5% reduction in their electricity consumption and secure financial support to new RES initiatives collecting commitments for 100 mil € all over Europe.
  • Creation of 12 new REScoops and projects, applying best practice and leveraging the network corresponding to at least 24 MW (average of 2MW per project) established thanks to the action support.

Lessons learnt
  • For further details please refer to the project website:

European Charter
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Best Practices
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REScoop 20-20-20 project slides
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