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AQUACRITOX - AquaCritox disposes of waste from wastewater treatment, pharma/chemical, oil and gas, with harmless residues and positive energy recovery. (2012)
ECOADD - Bio-based multifunctional additive derived from sustainable waste streams for water based systems (2012)
MLSE TEXTILES - Textile processing without the use of chemicals or water leading to massive environmental and economic benefits across the textile sector. (2012)
RECYCLED FIBER - There are several environmental benefits connected to this project: (1) Reduction of waste to landfills, and (2) reduction of carbon foot print. (2012)
HEMPSEC - The project makes a low carbon, high performance building system accessible in Europe, supporting local employment in construction and agriculture (2012)
ECOFEED - Use floating feed in offshore aquaculture allow reduce de impact of the surplus pellets in the seabed. Moreover, this project helps to manage the costs of feeding, saving costs. (2012)
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